FiberLight offers solutions to address the evolving communications needs of your students, faculty and staff.

Internet access at the educational level is more critical now than ever before.  Whether you are launching virtual classrooms for distance learning, expanding your campus security systems to integrate with parent alert systems or allowing students free access to their mobile devices, the demand for data across even the smallest campus can be challenging to keep up with.

Let us help address the growing demand for providing secure network growth across your school district or college campus.  We are ready to review and assess your network needs and will provide a solution tailored to your bandwidth requirements at a price your institution can afford.

FiberLight is E-rate certified, allowing you to transition from your current provider to us without a glitch.

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Educational Services Needs

Keep Up With Growing Bandwidth Demands

When it comes to bandwidth, educational institutions have a voracious appetite that will only grow in the coming years. FiberLight enables you to feed this growing technological appetite quickly and efficiently.

Control Costs and Maintain Support

While your institution looks for ways to contain or reduce costs, your communications goals and networks are expanding and growing ever more complex. FiberLight's solutions will keep you on top of your communications needs without a large capital outlay.

Stay Connected with Faculty, Staff, Student, Parents and Emergency Responders

In times of emergency, it is critical that key components of your networks remain up and running so that you can communicate critical information to students, parents, faculty and staff. We collaborate on continuity planning and provide a personalized solution to ensure that those in your care stay connected.

Prepare For Next Generation Technologies

The technological needs at every educational level constantly grow and change. You need a powerful, versatile communications network that can keep your students engaged in the learning process. FiberLight creates solutions that will ensure that you can prepare your students for the challenges they will face today and in the future.

Maintain Network Security

The need for secure communications has become a top priority wherever people connect electronically. Your campus is no different. Our personalized security solutions will ensure that your school’s networks and critical data stay protected.