Carrier Solutions

fiberlight is the industry's best kept secret

FiberLight has been known throughout the telecommunications industry as a "carrier's carrier" for decades.  Carrier and wholesale customers rely on the scalability, reliability and flexibility of FiberLight's high-density fiber optic footprint. We know what you're thinking - so what makes FiberLight different from the other fiber optic providers you've been researching? The answer lies in our history.

As one of the very first independent fiber optic construction companies, we've been managing fiber optic infrastructure longer than most of our competitors. To date, we've invested $1 billion in building and upgrading fiber networks in some of the country's most demanding metro areas. As a carrier-neutral company, we've sold and leased backbone to many of the larger companies that come to mind when you think about a fiber provider. In fact, if you ask our competitors for a map of their network in your metro and then compare that to our map for the same metro, you'll likely see a very similar path. Only one of us built the infrastructure though - and more often than not, we're the one.

In addition to leveraging our state of the art network infrastructure for resale, wholesale, wireless backhaul and small cell services, you will also enjoy around the clock customer service. Our team is incredibly responsive to service issues and can increase your bandwidth needs when you need us to - not weeks or months later.

Learn more about our carrier-specific service offerings below:

Wireless Backhaul

Supporting towers, hub sites and small cells alike, our wireless backhaul solutions ensure that your services run quickly and efficiently enough to meet your customers' demands.

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Wholesale Ethernet NNI

A cost-saving solution powered by FiberLight's cutting-edge Ethernet technology.

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Dark Fiber

Whether you are looking to lease or own, you can leverage our expansive high-density fiber footprint to better serve your current and future customers' needs.

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Custom Network Solutions

You get the best of both worlds when you lease or purchase your own secure fiber network with lit services provided and managed by FiberLight. Our custom network solutions will save you time and money!

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