Wireless Backhaul

Wireless needs in the United States are expected to grow over 800% by 2017.  With the evolution of multimedia wireless communications, data usage demands for smartphones and wireless air cards over 4G and LTE networks continues to increase. This means that wireless demands will continue to rise rapidly. Demand at the level of zettabytes is just over the horizon, and FiberLight is ready to meet these needs as they arise.

FiberLight has a record in proven success in delivering wireless backhaul services for voice and data providers. Our industry experience has taught us how to navigate the delicate minefields you'll face with respect to local permitting and federal licensing. We can help you navigate them, too.

Service Options:

  • Tower Backhaul -  From your cell site to the switch location
  • Direct Connect - Mobile Switching Center to Mobile Switching Center connectivity
  • Hub Site Backhaul - Fiber backhaul from aggregation/hub site to the Mobile Switching Center
  • Small Cell Networks - Custom fiber designs provide connectivity to all small cell locations

Features and benefits of FBL's wireless backhaul solutions

  • We build it. We own it.  - Because we constructed and continue to maintain the underlying fiber infrastructure, we can respond when other providers are still trying to contact their maintenance team.
  • Reliability - Safeguarded Ethernet delivery method for an industry-leading quality of service.

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