FiberLight Sponsored Ciena Innovation Lab Events

Fort Lauderdale & Lakeland, FL - November 7 - 8

FiberLight is excited to once again partner with Ciena for Innovation Lab events with data center partners in Florida. Join us November 7th at Peak 10's South Florida campus or November 8 at Cologix's Lakeland site. Each event will feature Innovation Lab demonstrations, data center tours and presentations from industry leaders.

Register to attend Nov. 8 event at Cologix Lakeland

Texas Rural Healthcare Association Annual Meeting

December 6

FiberLight will be presenting to members on the nuances of the Healchare Connect Fund, connectivity needs for hospitals, and achieving telemedicine objectives. 

FISPA's IT Palooza

December 2017

FiberLight is a proud sponsor of FISPA's IT Palooza!